Traveling is the best way through which you can stay happy and healthy. It is true that you can improve your overall health which includes your physical and psychological health. When You Travel, your social & communication skills improve you carry back a lot of experiences that make you wise & last but not the least you come to know how other people or other cultures are living. When you meet with the different people, vast culture in different places, you are educating yourself on a lesson which is impossible to get in traditional schools, colleges etc.

Traveling to other places develops problem -solving skills making you confident in the process. Traveling makes your bond stronger with your family and friends.

In short, one must travel. Quick getaways are a must. They keep the life interesting bring the cheer back to face the mundane routines of life otherwise. Quick getaways are to places closer and known. Generally, such trips are covered on the road.

If one has to really enjoy a quick trip with family/friends, we always suggest traveling by rental car as it gives you more benefits. One of the best benefits is that you can spend quality time with your closed ones. Everyone wishes to travel in comfort and this can happen by traveling through rental cars. So now that we have your own car out of the equation, let us see which all types of cars one can hire to travel.

Types of Car One Can Hire To Travel

Hatchback cars

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Most people prefer to book Hatchback Cars. Simple reason – hatchbacks are economical. Other than that when not too many people are traveling or the luggage is not too much, the preference goes for the hatchback.

With car companies realizing the mass market behind hatchbacks, they have created a premium hatchback space within this market by offering premium cars in this segment. Now many customers prefer hatchbacks because they are more stylish in looks as compared to other typical car types.

For example let us consider one of the popular hatchbacks, MARUTI BALENO. The car is a well-priced premium hatchback and is comparatively lower priced. So, even if you are looking to buy the base variant of the Baleno, you will not be compromising with safety features as Maruti Baleno offers airbags and ABS with EBD. The cabin space of this car is enough good and the boot of the car can swallow 339 liters.

You can go on a Family Trip without any budget worries. Other features of this car are- the projector headlamps with DRLs, UV-cut glasses, reversing camera, electrically foldable ORVMs, Infotainment system with navigation, and lots more. They fit easily on cramped Indian roads, the maneuverability is better and they require less space for parking.

Sedan cars

Sedan cars

So you have that little extra luggage or you feel cramped up in a hatchback, then you need a Sedan. It is great news for those people who are looking for more traditional kind of a vehicle option then sedan is the perfect fit for them. Normal Sedans are not costly either unless of course, you go for the sedan in 10lacs plus category.

The vehicles have been around since the start of car time, and they don’t appear to go anyplace at any point in the near future. These types of cars are perfect for drivers who needn’t bother with a huge amount of seating or space for extra cargo.

Just enjoy your trip with your family. These days, a lot of sedans offer a hybrid option as well, but you shouldn’t worry about it when you are travelling.

For example, let us consider one of the popular Sedans, Hyundai Verna. The Verna gets a pair of 1.6-litre engines that are among the most powerful in the segment. However, don’t let the big numbers fool you. The engines of Verna are refined and easy to drive. The cabin space of the Verna is enough good and the boot of the car can swallow 480 liters. Verna comes with the best safety measures as it offers airbags, central locking system, and anti-break system. Some of the popular sedan cars are Honda Amaze, Honda City, Toyota Yaris, and Maruti Dzire.

Sedans are one of the most exemplary body types in the automotive market. If you are Searching For A Reliable Vehicle, then Sedan is the perfect vehicle for you. Before booking a car it is important to check out the specifications of the car so that you do not have to face any problems in your traveling time.

Luxury Cars

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Earlier, the meaning of the car was a set of five seats, four tyres, a steering wheel, and a tank of gas. No facilities, the car was considered just a piece of machinery that got you from one place to another. But as the auto industry has grown up and evolved, so have the additional parts and extra amenities. Nowadays, there are so many facilities available in the car the luxury car segment is increasing day by day.

Now if you have to travel on wheels and still have to make a style statement what would you want to do. Maybe want to impress your girlfriend, or your people who you are visiting or just want to satisfy yourself by traveling in luxury, just go for a luxury car. It is true that luxury vehicles represent safety, technology, comfort, and performance. It is true that luxury vehicles represent safety, technology, comfort, and performance.

Even if the luxury is not in your budget to buy, you can definitely rent it for key moments where you wish to immerse yourself in this kind of luxury. The latest and greatest safety features in luxury cars are review cameras, standard stability control, and anti-lock brakes. Luxury cars maintain your comfort level, which is very important.

Luxury cars are not only good in looks but they also provide you the high standard performance to give you the best ride. The luxury car contains small TV screens and Bluetooth Speakers for the entertainment purpose.

Some of the popular Luxury Cars are – BMW, Jaguar XJL, Porsche, Panamera etc.

Tempo Travelers

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Now here comes the beast. There are so many advantages of hiring a Tempo for traveling purpose when you have a large group who wants to travel together. Another important advantage of booking a tempo traveler is that the drivers of tempo are well- trained and experienced. As the drivers travel regularly so they know the routes very well. If you want to travel to a place within eight hours of driving distance you can travel easily with no worries.

Another advantage of Hiring A Tempo Traveler is the cost. If you are going on a tour with a group of people, then it will be affordable on a per head basis. By traveling through tempo traveler, you can save your money and use that money for a good stay, food and for traveling purposes.

Always prefer tempo traveler if you are going with 12 or 13 number of people. Tempo traveler provides the facilities like- accommodate a large number of people, it is cost-effective, provides safe journey, offers responsible and reliable services, and have well-trained and experienced drivers.

In today’s time, there are so many transport companies available online. Majority of the people likes to hire transport companies for several types of trips and tour. Take a break from your daily hectic schedule. Choosing the right car is important to you. Types of tempo traveler are- 12 Seater A/C,  12 Seater Tempo traveler Non -A/C, 13 Seater Tempo traveler A/C, 17 Seater Tempo traveler A/C etc.

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