The process of renting a car is smooth, hassle free & easy if one knows how to do it. A Car On Rent provides flexibility & convenience. The best way to rent a car is making the reservation on time, completion of required documentation and returning back in the same condition that you rented it. The process of renting a car includes these points-

Compare the prices online

The first thing that is important for renting a car is you should check the prices on travel websites as well as on agency. Compare the rates on the basis of basic fundamentals and economy-size cars. Find the best deal for your location and the time frame in which you’ll require a rental. Before taking any decision, ask about the additional fees. Some common fees include- Additional fees for the drivers under 25, additional fees for picking up a rental at the airport, on extra mileage per day etc.

Consider the size you will require

You can rent a car of any model in any size. According to your requirement, keep in your mind that the car you decide to take on rent is fit for you.

Book a car after the arrival

monthly car rental rates

There is nothing superior to anything a car is standing outside the airport or railway station for your pick-up. You get tired after coming from somewhere and you have lots of stuff. At this time you want someone to leave you. Always book a Car On Rent before your arrival.

Find the features that you will need with your rental car

The feature might include car seats for kids. Some cars have only one or two seats for kids. RS Travels provides two or more car seats for kids. Other feature which people searches qualified driver. RS Travels ensure driver qualification and screening provide training sessions to drivers for safety purposes and to office staff. When you are going through the online rental process, these features can be added or remove as per your requirements. As every car models consist of different options, make sure that you choose the options according to the size of the car and model.  Avoid extra features unless you need them.

Prepay for your rental car or pay when you pick up the car

monthly car rental

Most rental auto organizations will hold your reservation with no type of installment, while others will require a credit card number.

If you don’t want to use the online system, then make your reservation by phone

You can make the reservation by calling the company you can reserve the date, pickup time, and the location with a customer service executive.

Quality Policy

RS Travels delivers focused transportation solutions to their customers and best in all internal process.

Pay for the Rental

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If you didn’t pay online, make sure you will make the payment when car arrive at your location. You can pay by credit card and by cash also.

Always keep these points in your mind while booking A Car On Rent. In addition to these points, RS Travels has a long-term relationship with the clients which show reliability. Also, provide high standard professional service, one which meets all requirements of the client with regard to costs, duration, and management.

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