Solo trip in India is considered as nonsense for obvious reasons. The moment you announce to your family that you will be going out on a solo trip, you will be thrown different questions at your face like “Have you gone mad?” “What will you do alone?” “What if someone kidnaps you?” “Kuch ho gaya to?” and what not. The idea of a solo trip gives you thrills and excitement. All you want to do is to pack your bags and leave all the stress behind.

But before you decide as a yes or a no, here are some reasons that why you should go on a solo trip once in your life.


We agree that going o a trip with friends or with family is a total blast but if you go out alone on a trip then that has a different experience, that sense of freedom is out of this world. Here are the reasons that why you should go out on a solo trip because it’s all about you.


You have the freedom to do whatever you want to do. Talk to the new people there. Although there might be chances that you can face like rubbing the shoulder with wrong people, but that is not in the scene right now. You should be careful whom to talk and whom not too. You can have full freedom to visit anywhere, drink anytime, make a creative itinerary and look forward to it. Hate being lost or caught by the police? Make copies of passport and keep them with you, always.


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Isn’t it exciting when you find new people and you instantly connect with each other? Be it a girl or a boy, there are some things which makes you interesting or makes the other person interesting and you just let it go with the flow. When you are going out with friends then you don’t get too much time to talk to other people no matter how much they look interesting. This takes away your chance to meet new people. See, this is the time when you find new species of new people, there are many stories that where people have found their true love or best friend while travelling. Don’t miss this opportunity. Before heading to any place, find out about the crowd, the stories, the reviews and everything.


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When you are travelling alone, you don’t need to carry too much in your bags. You will be busy exploring new places and will not be giving a heed to your clothes. Believe me; all the pictures will be of the surroundings with YOU in it, and no one else. Opt for comfortable clothing, a pair of shoes which will be comfortable and will be worn for all day long, do not pack heels unless you plan on a date. Get your clothes washed from the hotel, check beforehand if they have laundry services or not.


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Rent a car if your parents do not allow you for a fully solo trip. Renting a car would be great and also if you are going solo but have taken a package then it would be a good idea as it will allow you to have freedom in a creative way. You can click any type of pictures and every pose will be there and imagine! No one will be there to stop you. You can have your way with life. Book your car in advance to save you from any problem.


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When you are alone, your thoughts wander. You have so much going in mind when you are with your family or a bunch of friends while watching a sunset. But when you are watching a sunset, then you look at the merging of colors, some people find it as a day sets and a new day begins while some are just lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the sun and all the vibrant colors.

Now that you are all set with so many reasons to travel solo, you need to know a few things before hand. Solo travelling is not easy, you have to prepare in advance and take care of all the facets while planning. It can be that you go out of budget if you have not planned properly and this will take away your chances of going to another solo trip. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:


Start saving. That one message which brings a smile to our faces is “salary credited” and that one message which takes away that same smile is “amount debited”. You should start saving for the trip if you don’t want to look like a desperate and “non-affordable” person. Cut down on your expenses; don’t buy stuff which is not important. If you are afraid to travel solo, but you are sure that you want to go then rent a car before to avoid peak prices. Also, there are many apps which track your expenses and issue an alert if you are going over budget.


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Keep cash for emergency purpose and use more credit or debit card. Inform your bank before you leave for the trip, this is because some banks are so attentive that they will block your card if they will find any suspicious activity on it, so it’s better to inform beforehand. Carry at least two cards and some cash so that if you lose one card by mistake (I am not saying that you are that careless), you have the other card to spend from. Keep some cash handy because there will be some places where the cards will not be accepted.


If you travel a lot then you must have accumulated a lot of reward points. USE THEM.


Before going, find out all about the place you will be visiting. It is better to know all the details of the place and always carry a map with you. Keep your phone balance full and your phone battery too. Always keep the GPS on and keep your location shared with your family.


There is no point of going solo in a haphazard manner. Plan out your holiday in a proper way and make an itinerary. An itinerary will help you use all the time by covering up all the places.


Only a fool does not have travel insurance (no offence!). you should always have a travel insurance, you know that mishaps do not happen with information. Carry a copy of your insurance as well as the original one.


Always keep your documents photocopied, you never know when do you need one to show.

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