National Highway 44(NH 44) is the longest north-south National Highway. If we talk about the places that come in between the Highway are- Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal, Shahabad Markanda, Kurukshetra, and Ambala these are the places that come in between the way. Each place has its historical and current significance.One should visit these places.


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Sonipat is a city which comes under the national capital region and located just 28 KMS from Delhi. This city is also known as “Swarnaprastha” which means a golden city. This city has a lot of historic value. There are also several places to visit including- Tomb of KhwajaKhizr, DargahMamuBhanja, Mosque of Abdullah Nasir, and Murthal etc. You can visit each one by one. Sonipat has a well which was used by the Pandavas during their banishment from the kingdom. This place had its importance because of its proximity to Delhi.

After Sonipat, Karnal is the next destination.


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Panipat is a city in Haryana known for its magnificent history and also known as a city of weavers. Most of the historians attracted towards this city because this is located close to the national capital and the state capital. This is the only land where three major battles of Indian medieval history were fought and now the current city is situated on the top upon the wreckage of those eras.

The city situated on National Highway-1 and has many historical monuments that attract numerous tourists. The great thing about this city is that the history of Panipat co-exists with the latest culture of the city reflected in its prestigious educational institutes, malls, and various multispecialty hospitals.

This is a beautiful city which infuses with high tourism values. The city has various tourist places where you can visit including- Several religious places, ancient museums, historical monuments, gardens, and other places.

The vast majority of these landmarks were built in the Mughal architectural style and they show the greatness of that administration in this region.

The various places where you can visit are-  Panipat museum, Hema Samadhi Sthal, Kabuli Shah Mosque, Tomb of Ibrahim Lodi. You can also take advantage of enjoying the culture of Panipat. The culture of the city boasts of the Sarangis, archetypal Haryanvi folk music, and drama form called as Swaang. You must travel here with your close ones.


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Karnal has been ranked 65 (1st in Haryana) in the list of cleanest cities of India. Karnal was selected as one of the developed city as a Smart city. There are so many places in Karnal where you can go and enjoy a lot with your family. Now, it becomes easier to travel anywhere. You can travel through rental cars. Karnal Lake, Chhachhrauli fort, Kalander’s Shah’s Tomb, are all the famous tourist places.

After that Kurukshetra is the destination which comes after Karnal while passing through the National Highway.


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Kurukshetra is known as the “Land of Bhagwad Gita” and also known as Dharamakshetra. Kurukshetra is 160 KMS away from the Delhi ad about 80 KMS from Chandigarh. This place has a great history and has a great significance. According to Hindu epic, this is the land where the battle of Mahabharata was fought during which Lord Krishna preached Bhagwad  Gita to Arjuna.

There are also several Educational Institutes in Kurukshetra. There are so many places to visit in Kurukshetra– Brahma Sarovar, Bhadrakali Temple, Shri Krishna Museum, Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum, BhishmaKund, Dharohar museum, and Nishtha Fish museum and many others. People from different states love to visit this destination as it holds a great historical and current significance.

Shahabad Markanda

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Shahabad Markanda is a town and a Municipal Committee in Kurukshetra. Markanda is a temple where a lot of people come from different places. This temple has a lot of recognition. There is a story behind the formation of Markanda Temple. This is a temple of Lord Shiva. In the earlier time, for some reason, Lord Shiva gave Mahamritunjaye Mantra to Markanda. Marakanda was the supreme devotee of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva gave a boon to him for living forever. Since then he has always lived in the Marakanda temple. Everyone should visit this wonderful temple with their family. This is the place where you get the peace of mind. When you go to Markanda you will experience the temple’s recognition. As you go ahead, Ambala will be the next destination.


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Ambala is a serene destination and has a magnificent history. It is on the border of Punjab and divided into two sub-areas known as Ambala Cantonment and Ambala City. These cities are also called twin cities. Both the cities are small and beautiful.

Ambala Cantonment- As the name suggests that this city has a huge presence of armed forces that is Indian Army and Indian Airforce. These armed forces have their training programs here.

Ambala City is 3 KMS away from the Ambala Cantt. Ambala Central Jail is situated in Ambala City. This is the only place where Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, NathuramGodse, was hanged in November 1949.

There are so many tourist places –Gurudwara Manji Sahib, GurudwaraPanjokhra Sahib, Holy Redeemer Church, Jaggi City Centre, Galaxy Mall, Parks, Temples, Several restaurants etc.

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